cypress inn yappy hourTerry’s Restaurant + Lounge has a large following for its dog-friendly “Yappy Hour” as well as the cocktail menu inspired by owner Doris Day’s favorite costars: Jimmy Cagney (whiskey), Cary Grant (brandy), Ronald Reagan (gin), Kirk Douglas (rum). If you want to sip one for the Gipper, try the Orange Blossom ($10), made of gin, sweet vermouth and fresh orange juice, and served with a side of jelly beans — just the way Reagan liked it, according to the menu. Terry’s bartender has also put a Kentucky spin to the traditional champagne cocktail, with bourbon, peach schnapps and a dash of bitters.

Why are they called cocktails? When defining the classic cocktail, it is impossible not to recall the sophisticated Golden Age of Hollywood, when libations went hand in hand with sultry seductions, cheery celebrations and raucous parties, and evoked the effortless style and sophistication of the movies in which they played a part.

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